Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recycled doggie raincoat!

My Zoe bug tests out a recycled raincoat! the top layer is made from a dog food bag!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Logo Fun!!

free logos

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Website!!

Got myself a new website! a real website LOL!!
There's a blog section in there, and I have more pics of these chaps I made yesterday!
I made them to help keep my jeans clean when doing chores, they're pretty much made for yucky weather - they're 100% waterproof!

If you'd like to check out my new website, click the link below

or scan the code with your smartphone!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Charm's new reins!!

This is Charm, she's  a TB and she's got new reins made by me!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Custom English Style Reins!

Just finished these up for a friend, I think they turned out AWESOME!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

donkey tack!!

Finally finished Daisy's britchen, or breeching!! I think it turned out awesome!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daisy's Britchen Progress

Just finished the tug straps on Daisy's britchen! Only two more straps to go! WAHOO!!
had to take a short break to order more paracord!

the top of the britchen....

a shot of the main 'butt' strap - 20 strands!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

New Collar

Looking for a simple slip collar?
I've got the one for you!
this is  a medium slip collar made from 1/4" soft poly diamond braid rope!

available in my etsy shop!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ellie the Westie sporting her new Custom collar!

My customer sent me photo's of her Westie, Ellie, modeling her new collar I braided!


LOL if you're on Facebook & would like to follow my latest 'happenings' and whatnot click on the link below!!/pages/Loomis-CA/HGFA/151361191548590

I've Titled it 'H.G.F.A.' no sorry I'm not affiliated with the hang gliders federation of Australia! LMAO
but it stands for Hippie Geek Farm Art.  The name 'akyramoto' has sentiment to me, but doesn't tell describe anything to anyone else. HGFA pretty much sums me up, I love the gadgets and technology but I also love to make things out of almost nothing and play in the dirt. LOL

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Custom collar & leash!

custom made 18.5" collar ( 1/2" wide) with matching 5' leash. Stainless steel hardware. Neon Pink & purple!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zoey's finished Bicycle vest/harness!

Now my pup will be safe & secure!
I love neon green on her!!
Zoey enjoying her new harness

And for fun..........
First time riding ON the bike!

donkey tack in progress!

Worked on Daisy's britchen some more, got the tugs on the main strap, still have 6 more straps to braid! but I ran out of paracord! boo.

But this is what I have so far!

Friday, August 27, 2010


My Western Burros magnet has been featured in a treasury!  WAHOO!!

go check it out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The beginning of Zoey's Bicycle Harness/Vest

Zoey has already chewed up her harness ( actually Amber's harness) once. I stitched it back together. I've been taking her on the bicycle, she is a very high energy dog and needs an outlet for it. I wanted to make sure she's visible to motorists when we eventually venture onto more traveled roads.  So I'm making her a high vis safety vest/harness.

Here is what I've completed so far, some nice heavy 600D Neon green fabric ( which I will back with a taffeta type fabric), two stripes of reflective tape on each side, and a nylon stap on the top to hold the D ring for the tether.  It will be held on her by nylon webbing and metal slide lock buckles, I don't trust plastic ones. I might even fit a handle on the top, but we'll see, it's pretty small.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Braiding a donkey Breeching!!

this is by far the biggest thing I've ever braided!! it's TWENTY strands!! equaling a 2" strap!
the first pic is when I started, and the second is when I finished back braiding, before I took off the ends. so far I love it. Its not perfect though, but I think it's gonna be awesome having a hand braided breeching strap for Daisy!! In the future I may offer hand braided donkey tack in my etsy store -
We all know how hard they are to fit & find tack for!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Collar

Just made a new collar!

My Etsy Favs! Things I use personally

I wanted to share some items that I buy regularly, or use regularly from my local etsians...

First, I love this shampoo! I've been using it for over 6 months now. I used to use stuff like Head & Shoulders, cuz yes, I have dandruff. I didn't like the idea of all the chemicals in that stuff. So with a little research I found that tea tree oil can help. Now I've used 'tea tree oil' commercial shampoos, the DID NOT work, they made my scalp worse!!

So I decided to check out soap on Etsy! And I found this....

I LOVE this stuff!!
My BF even uses it!! He's been using H&S for YEARS now and doesn't want to go back!

Another Awesome Etsy find, is shampoo for my dogs!!! I want the same thing for my dogs as myself. So I found an all natural homemade flea & tick shampoo! It smells awesome too!! What I love about this soap is its easy to use, hose your dog down & lather... or it might go something like this.

call your dog
grab the hose
call the dog back cuz he saw you had the hose
try to spray the dog as he moves his butt away from you
do about 20 revolutions
dog is half wet
stradle dog to prevent escape
get 75% of the water on yourself

grab the soap
go and get dog who got away while you  were fetching the soap
rub the soap on the dog
work into a lather
remove lather from your face that was applied by dog shaking
work lather some more
get hose, grab dog again
rinse dog
wipe water off of face from shaking dog
hose dog off some more
get yourself a towel to dry off yourself & the wet dog
who is now rolling in the dirt & grass cuz they're feeling spunky

It's good stuff!!
I love that it's a bar, I always found I'd squirt wayyyy too much out of the regular bottle commercial shampoos!!! Its easy to grab, easy to apply, it lathers great!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want a custom dog collar made?

I am now offering custom made items on ebay, and soon etsy.  So here's your chance to pick the size and colors of your dog's next collar!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


5% off
all Hand
Braided Paracord
Dog Collars!!     

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've been featured in a treasury!!

Sweet!! My saddle pad made it into this treasury, check it out!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Craftiness, I know, BOO

But I have alot of things for sale on ebay, clearing  out the house, and funding more future projects.
This is 'semi-crafty' lol

ReadyMade's How to make (almost everything)

How to paint motorcycle helmets!! Attention airbrushers!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

LG 22x Black Bezel Internal Dual-Layer DVD-/+RW Drive Review

So I needed a new DVD burner, I transfer home movies for friends & family on the side. I basically wore out my old NEC drive. My BF took the day off so I asked him (since he was going out) to pick me up a new DVD burner. He came home with something better!

A new DVD drive that has Lightscribe!! what is lightscribe you ask?? Its a functionaliy on the burner that allows you to burn the regular side of your DVD then FLIP it over and burn an image or text, or BOTH on the other side!!  yes they do require special discs, which luckily he picked up for me!  Anyways, it's so awesome. I've been drooling over a printer that could print directly onto a disc. Thinking that was my only way to label a disc other than using a sharpie or those stick on labels.

Well there's only one or two of those on the market, so I was hoping something would come out. I had no idea that Lightscribe even existed!

So I have to say it's pretty freaking awesome, yes I do loose the ability to print color, but the lightscribe DVD's come in fun colors ( orange, gold, yellow, pink, green) but I'll trade that off for knowing that whatever I put on there will STAY on there. I always wondered about the durability of a print on solution. I mean i have pics I printed out from a good 'photo' printer, and the color is so off now & faded. So I really worried about that with the DVD printers. The lightscribe really solved this problem, I'll never have to worry about it rubbing off, or coming off if liquid is spilled on it. So overall I'm pretty happy.

Here's the info on the programs - you can download the software for free, they also have a template software, that you can use with their templates - they have tons, and in different styles. Or you can use other programs such as Nero Cover Designer. It's as easy as printing a piece of paper!!

Also their template software has a neat feature that shows you the label on screen AS it's being burned! I know not really important, but it's damn entertaining for me!!

So far it roughly takes 13-15 mintues to burn an image on the DVD - and I'm talking a WHOLE image, with lots of detail and alot of 'dark' areas. I kinda went nuts on the first few I did. I'll have to post some pics of the ones I made, but for now you get ones that are on the net.

LG Internal Black Bezel Super Multi 22x IDE DVD Rewriter, 16x DVD-ROM, 48x CD-ROM, with LightScribe technology.

and here's an example of a couple of their fun templates.

and for those of you that like 'tha specs' here are the ones on the particular burner I purchased.

  • Write Speed (DVD+R) 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 8x (ZCLV), 12x (PCAV), 16x,18x,20x,22x (CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD+R DL) 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 6x , 8x(ZCLV), 10x,12x (PCAV),16x(CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-R) 2x, 4x(CLV), 8x (ZCLV),12x (PCAV), 16x,18x,20x,22x (CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-R DL) 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 6x , 8x(ZCLV), 10x,12x (PCAV),16x(CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD+RW) 2.4x, 4x ,6x(CLV), 8x (ZCLV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-RW) 1x, 2x, 4x , 6x (CLV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-RAM) 2x, 3x (CLV) , 5x, 6x, 8x,12x PCAV (Ver. 2.0 & Higher )
  • Write Speed (CD-R) 16x (CLV), 24x (ZCLV), 40x, 48x (CAV)
  • Write Speed (CD-RW) 4x, 10x, 16x (CLV), 24x, 32x (ZCLV) (High Speed: 10x . Ultra Speed ? 16x)
  • Read Speed (CD-R/RW/ROM) 48x/40x/48xmax
  • Read Speed (DVD-R/RW/ROM) 16x/12x/16x/12x max(Single/Dual)
  • Read Speed (DVD-RAM) 5x, 12x PCAV
  • Read Speed (DVD-Video(CSS Compliant Disc)) 6x max
  • Data Transfer Rate DVD-ROM 22.16 Mbytes/s (16x) max , CD-ROM 7,200 kB/s (48x) max
  • Access Time DVD-ROM (SL/DL) 140/175 ms
  • DVD-RAM 200 ms (Ver. 2.0 & Higher )
  • CD-ROM 120 ms* Buffer Size 2MB
  • Loading Type Motorized Tray
  • Interface Type E-IDE/ATAPI * W x D x H 146 x 41.3 x 165 mm

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Beads for sale!

I got these to go on some paracord stuff I had an idea for, but they're too small!! They're more suited to jewelry! So now they're available on my etsy site!