Friday, April 30, 2010

LG 22x Black Bezel Internal Dual-Layer DVD-/+RW Drive Review

So I needed a new DVD burner, I transfer home movies for friends & family on the side. I basically wore out my old NEC drive. My BF took the day off so I asked him (since he was going out) to pick me up a new DVD burner. He came home with something better!

A new DVD drive that has Lightscribe!! what is lightscribe you ask?? Its a functionaliy on the burner that allows you to burn the regular side of your DVD then FLIP it over and burn an image or text, or BOTH on the other side!!  yes they do require special discs, which luckily he picked up for me!  Anyways, it's so awesome. I've been drooling over a printer that could print directly onto a disc. Thinking that was my only way to label a disc other than using a sharpie or those stick on labels.

Well there's only one or two of those on the market, so I was hoping something would come out. I had no idea that Lightscribe even existed!

So I have to say it's pretty freaking awesome, yes I do loose the ability to print color, but the lightscribe DVD's come in fun colors ( orange, gold, yellow, pink, green) but I'll trade that off for knowing that whatever I put on there will STAY on there. I always wondered about the durability of a print on solution. I mean i have pics I printed out from a good 'photo' printer, and the color is so off now & faded. So I really worried about that with the DVD printers. The lightscribe really solved this problem, I'll never have to worry about it rubbing off, or coming off if liquid is spilled on it. So overall I'm pretty happy.

Here's the info on the programs - you can download the software for free, they also have a template software, that you can use with their templates - they have tons, and in different styles. Or you can use other programs such as Nero Cover Designer. It's as easy as printing a piece of paper!!

Also their template software has a neat feature that shows you the label on screen AS it's being burned! I know not really important, but it's damn entertaining for me!!

So far it roughly takes 13-15 mintues to burn an image on the DVD - and I'm talking a WHOLE image, with lots of detail and alot of 'dark' areas. I kinda went nuts on the first few I did. I'll have to post some pics of the ones I made, but for now you get ones that are on the net.

LG Internal Black Bezel Super Multi 22x IDE DVD Rewriter, 16x DVD-ROM, 48x CD-ROM, with LightScribe technology.

and here's an example of a couple of their fun templates.

and for those of you that like 'tha specs' here are the ones on the particular burner I purchased.

  • Write Speed (DVD+R) 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 8x (ZCLV), 12x (PCAV), 16x,18x,20x,22x (CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD+R DL) 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 6x , 8x(ZCLV), 10x,12x (PCAV),16x(CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-R) 2x, 4x(CLV), 8x (ZCLV),12x (PCAV), 16x,18x,20x,22x (CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-R DL) 2.4x, 4x (CLV), 6x , 8x(ZCLV), 10x,12x (PCAV),16x(CAV)
  • Write Speed (DVD+RW) 2.4x, 4x ,6x(CLV), 8x (ZCLV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-RW) 1x, 2x, 4x , 6x (CLV)
  • Write Speed (DVD-RAM) 2x, 3x (CLV) , 5x, 6x, 8x,12x PCAV (Ver. 2.0 & Higher )
  • Write Speed (CD-R) 16x (CLV), 24x (ZCLV), 40x, 48x (CAV)
  • Write Speed (CD-RW) 4x, 10x, 16x (CLV), 24x, 32x (ZCLV) (High Speed: 10x . Ultra Speed ? 16x)
  • Read Speed (CD-R/RW/ROM) 48x/40x/48xmax
  • Read Speed (DVD-R/RW/ROM) 16x/12x/16x/12x max(Single/Dual)
  • Read Speed (DVD-RAM) 5x, 12x PCAV
  • Read Speed (DVD-Video(CSS Compliant Disc)) 6x max
  • Data Transfer Rate DVD-ROM 22.16 Mbytes/s (16x) max , CD-ROM 7,200 kB/s (48x) max
  • Access Time DVD-ROM (SL/DL) 140/175 ms
  • DVD-RAM 200 ms (Ver. 2.0 & Higher )
  • CD-ROM 120 ms* Buffer Size 2MB
  • Loading Type Motorized Tray
  • Interface Type E-IDE/ATAPI * W x D x H 146 x 41.3 x 165 mm

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