Sunday, December 21, 2008

Current dog coat - work in progress

Making these for a friend's Lab's, nothing better than 'dryer' dogs during rainy season.
this is the one for the 'boy' lab. Blue with grey polarfleece lining. Some reflective on the topline for safety.

I'm making these from 600 denier poly duck fabric that is coated to be waterproof. This fabric is HEAVY DUTY!! edged in polypro webbing, will end up having velcro closures. I make my blankets a little on the big side so the whole sides of the dog are covered.

a close up of the fabric

Older stuff.........toilet seat lid!! Scary!!

I made this for a friend, who LOVES skulls, and I love painting & drawing skulls! So it all works out. this was airbrushed with house of color paints onto a wood toilet seat lid.
These are posted backwards sorry. lol

Recycled Bird tote Bags.......

Two totes I've made. both are bird seed bags & are lined. the green lining belongs to the larger orange bag & the plaid belongs to the smaller bag.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shasta's Ornaments

These are made by my Best friend. I think they're so adorable.

Prettier things at my & clouds

after the horrible electrical post, I had to post the prettier things at my house. I'm no gardener, these look awesome despite my lack of rose education.

ya. this is professional!

wow. so this is pictures of some of the electrical stuff in my house. I've fixed it, but wanted to post pics of how horrible of an electrical job this is. awful.


big storms are supposed to be coming through. Here are some pics from the clouds yesterday.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kit tay has a home

Our foster kitty - 'Kit-tay'
is now ours too keep. We're very happy, she's such a sweet cat.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

re-usable swiffer pads

I really like the idea of a swiffer, but hate the waste it creates. Next our landfills are going to be overflowing with swiffer sheets, right next to your kid's encapsulated crap bag.

so this is just rad. I think i'm gonna have to get a swiffer now!
I can't post the pic, but here's a link

some people knit their own!

Kit-tay gets comfy next to the fireplace

Trafficmaster dark bamboo resilient flooring

This is my test section for the trafficmaster flooring. Read tons of reviews about it, people either love it or hate it. It was super easy to install, I think it looks great - even though there are some imperfections ( my fault lol). I can't wait to see how it does, I think it might be a great option for our house. I wanted something that was durable ( 4 dogs need something buff), waterproof ( think dogs again) and affordable, also something easy to install. Cleaning was a big factor also, I wanted something easy to clean & low maintainence - mostly because of the dogs - it would be nice not to freak out evertime a muddy paw runs through my doorway on accident. Yes I have carpet phobia.

this is laid directly over some 1970's vinyl tiles that were orange & brown ( wood subfloor). what a face lift!!

the white paper is kinda like wax paper - it comes with the planks to keep them seperate & clean, I taped it over the exposed adhesive on the end of the flooring. to keep it clean until we decide if we really like it or not.

I think the floor looks beautiful with no flash!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My house has triple protection............

enough said.
anything that can be stuffed down a garbage disposal, can usually find its way into a mouth. although the dogs are on crumb control - if yours are like mine - you dont want them having ANYTHING else besides their normal food!! LOL

Flyleaf hates dogs having fun

Flyleaf ( or someone associated with flyleaf) flagged my video on youtube - they either hate their music being 'out there' for people to hear or they hate dogs, or dogs having fun. hmmmm.........

Next time I'll choose a band that actually wants to be heard.

Elf yourself

I elfed my cats LOL

Medium dog jacket - woodland block fleece

Just made this jacket - I have it for sale on
it's made from 600 denier coated poly duck fabric ( i.e. super buff & waterproof), and lined with a 'woodland block' fleece. Very cute. It has reflective stripes for safety.

Bella's Racing jacket

Bella's new jacket I made her, she's got racing stripes now!
She was able to get 'velcro only' jacket off in the past, so the one I made her has velcro & nylon buckle closure! HA!

Handpainted skull ornament

This ornament sold on ebay.
This is a cool one, I tried to airbrush part of it, which i did. But it was the only successful one & decided to go back to the 'old' way I made them. so this ornament is truly one of kind as I wont do hand painting combined with airbrushing on the ornaments again.

Akyra's new Collar & 'tag bag'

my dog's tag's drive me nuts sometimes. Jingling all day long. I saw this idea on etsy & decided to make one for Akyra. A SUPER SAFE one. It's blaze orange 500 denier coated cordura on one side & ripstop reflective polyester on the other.

Also made her a new collar - it's a neon green martingale time - once again - hi vis!

Ugliest dog bed EVER

I hated this fabric, but a friend gave it to me for free. It was a heavy cotton blend. I put it to good use out in the dog run!

Medium Dog jacket- black lined with green cotton

akyra modeling the doggie jacket

Random San Francisco pics from Construction 129

Every once in a while i;ll post some pics that I have taken of other stuff - I like to take pictures in general and cant wait to have a digital SLR.

Akyra's Star dog jacket

I like to make dog gear. A lot. I find it very enjoyable. My dogs put up with me measuring them & trying things on over & over.

This is a jacket I made for Akyra. I love the stars, they're reflective. it's made with 200 denier coated nylon oxford & lined with polar fleece that was recycled from an old throw. the shell is waterproof.