Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Etsy Favs! Things I use personally

I wanted to share some items that I buy regularly, or use regularly from my local etsians...

First, I love this shampoo! I've been using it for over 6 months now. I used to use stuff like Head & Shoulders, cuz yes, I have dandruff. I didn't like the idea of all the chemicals in that stuff. So with a little research I found that tea tree oil can help. Now I've used 'tea tree oil' commercial shampoos, the DID NOT work, they made my scalp worse!!

So I decided to check out soap on Etsy! And I found this....

I LOVE this stuff!!
My BF even uses it!! He's been using H&S for YEARS now and doesn't want to go back!

Another Awesome Etsy find, is shampoo for my dogs!!! I want the same thing for my dogs as myself. So I found an all natural homemade flea & tick shampoo! It smells awesome too!! What I love about this soap is its easy to use, hose your dog down & lather... or it might go something like this.

call your dog
grab the hose
call the dog back cuz he saw you had the hose
try to spray the dog as he moves his butt away from you
do about 20 revolutions
dog is half wet
stradle dog to prevent escape
get 75% of the water on yourself

grab the soap
go and get dog who got away while you  were fetching the soap
rub the soap on the dog
work into a lather
remove lather from your face that was applied by dog shaking
work lather some more
get hose, grab dog again
rinse dog
wipe water off of face from shaking dog
hose dog off some more
get yourself a towel to dry off yourself & the wet dog
who is now rolling in the dirt & grass cuz they're feeling spunky

It's good stuff!!
I love that it's a bar, I always found I'd squirt wayyyy too much out of the regular bottle commercial shampoos!!! Its easy to grab, easy to apply, it lathers great!!

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