Monday, November 2, 2009

Current braiding - dog collar

Created with PicSay Pro on my T-Mobile G1


lilmellayella26 said...

Pretty Neat! I like how you think, out of the box(scalp)! I'm a hair braider also an maybe one day we can share ideas, I like to come up one in life-time ideas also! I'm the type of person that can't do the same design twice unless their usuals. And i've noticed that most of us are very artistic, my braidings are my temporary works of art!

lilmellayella26 said...

This is very neat.I am very artistic in these areas as well an I'm always trying to come up with new an eyepopping designs. Maybe one day we could share a few ideas. I seem to never be able to do the same design twice and it's never planned unless my customer has a usual or picture of their choice, you can call it thinking outside the box(scalp)!!!!