Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trafficmaster dark bamboo resilient flooring

This is my test section for the trafficmaster flooring. Read tons of reviews about it, people either love it or hate it. It was super easy to install, I think it looks great - even though there are some imperfections ( my fault lol). I can't wait to see how it does, I think it might be a great option for our house. I wanted something that was durable ( 4 dogs need something buff), waterproof ( think dogs again) and affordable, also something easy to install. Cleaning was a big factor also, I wanted something easy to clean & low maintainence - mostly because of the dogs - it would be nice not to freak out evertime a muddy paw runs through my doorway on accident. Yes I have carpet phobia.

this is laid directly over some 1970's vinyl tiles that were orange & brown ( wood subfloor). what a face lift!!

the white paper is kinda like wax paper - it comes with the planks to keep them seperate & clean, I taped it over the exposed adhesive on the end of the flooring. to keep it clean until we decide if we really like it or not.

I think the floor looks beautiful with no flash!

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